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Custom Neon Sign Order Processing

Neon Signs take right around 2-3 weeks for assembling and conveyance at least, however during holidays and occupied seasons it can take up to extra 2 weeks for assembling (depending upon the sign that you order). Please check with before/after placing the order to know the estimate.

1. Order Received
When we get the request, the main thing we do is to check the client points of interest and favor the exchanges. This guarantees there is no mistake in order placing and the customized neon and LED signs are received by the customers in time.
2. Manufacture Sign
To start with we take a huge original size duplicate of the design on the heat absorbing material so we can compare the sign with it and provide the correct match to the design requested. Know how we make the signs.
3. Send Image for Confirmation
Once the assembling of custom neon sign is finished, we at that point take a photograph of the arranged sign and send to client for endorsement. This enables client to get an estimation of what EXACTLY he will get for the customized neon logo or textual style sign they requested on the web. There are times when camera can't catch the correct shade of the neon tubes, anyway this gives an extremely detail thought to client about their neon sign. This additionally helps set their expectations on what they will get in terms of customized neon sign.
4. QC/Inspect the Sign
Once the client affirms the sign for delivery, it needs to go through the different tests in order to be prepared for the transportation which incorporates the tests for leakage, flickering, etc.
5. Packaging and Shipping
We understand that Neon Signs are exceptionally delicate in transportation - so we pack the custom neon signs very carefully with the help of foam and solid boxes. Once stuffed, they need to likewise go through the drop test to be really prepared for the delivery. The nature of the transportation material and norms guarantee that the neon sign customized only for you will securely reach you. We at that point send it to our our trusted partners for shipping. Know how we pack.
6. Tracking
Our activity isn't done yet, once the sign is dispatched we send the tracking number to customer and moreover track with significant transportation site to ensure the sign is moving at the all the time. In case, for any reasons, if there is a delay or sign is trapped, we contact the transportation association to ensure sign is passed on in opportune form. Because of high value of the sign we send them with 'signature required' transporting only. Therefore if the customer is absent at the time of transport, we will encourage them to contact shipping association and timetable a conveyance.

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