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Customized neon Signs FAQ's

Is it possible to change location of neon sign by myself once its installed ? Can I install the sign by myself of you will send someone to get it installed?

Mostly the signs come with the backing and proper caging so, yes, you can change the location whenever you want. The installation is very easy and we do not need to send anyone for that purpose but we provide all the minute details about how to install the sign.

Are neon signs safe to use ?

Yes, they are completely safe. In fact thousand of people use it for decorating their walls.

Do neon signs are visible during day?

Yes they have bright hues. The look bright even in the day.

Do the neon signs buzz or hum?

Yes, a little bit. But nothing that irritates you or nothing you would mind.

Is it possible to get neon signs’ each character in different colors? How much change in price because of different color?

Yes. It is absolutely possible and we have a wide range of colors to choose from. The change in the price depends on what colors you choose because the different neon color used different glass as well as gas. So please ask for the quote.

Do you give any discount or promo code for second time or for second sign?

No we do not. Our custom neon signs are the best in the matter of quality and brightness and we already provide the best at the lowest price so we are afraid, providing further discounts will not be possible.

If you already have the design of the neon sign which I order, will you send it or will design a new sign for me?

It will be rare that we have the exact sign you order because we usually deal with custom neon signs. But there are some signs which are very popular and if we have one that you like of approve, we will send it to you for the fast shipping and service. But if you want us to design the new sign we will completely agree.

Are all the neon signs hand made or they can be manufactured in factory?

They are completely hand made because it needs very sensitive approach. Bending the glass can not be done by the machine to create these bright and beautiful custom neon sign. Know how custom neon signs are made.

Can you keep the custom neon signs on all day & night? And if so, will it affect the longevity?

Yes, definitely. You can keep them on without affecting its longevity. In fact our neon lights are made for that same purpose. To keep your place lightened up 24*7.

Can you give me text neon sign in my country’s language ?

yes, sure thing. As all the glass for the neon signs are molded by the skilled workers, you can make your signs as complex as you want and that includes the letters from any language. Just make sure to provide us a good reference of what you want.
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