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Neon Customizer tool works slightly differently on different browsers and appears differently on various devices. Although it gives you a good general idea of how your custom design will look at the end of the process. If you have any query, please call at 561-220-6366.

Are you more of a straightforward, no-nonsense guy? True, sometimes, words are more than enough to say what's in your head. If this is what you're looking for, then we've got the perfect tool for you! You can create your own neon sign online that could be simple one-word neon signs, inspirational neon light quote signs, random neon phrase signs exhibiting your thoughts, neon name signs displaying your identity.

With our online neon text maker, you can also have custom-lighted signs for business, stating your business name, a tagline, or something about your product. Custom glow signs will perk up your business in vibrant, gleaming neon lights. It's so easy to use, you'll be able to see how it looks in real-time and adjust it to your liking!

Specifications of Neon Flex Sign are as below:
  • Indoor use only (can be upgraded for outdoor use)
  • Comply with CE, UL, and ROHS (international safety standard).
  • Sign comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • 100% no breakages guarantee.
  • 1-year Warranty
  • 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • To be shipped in 5-7 business days with UPS.
  • Standoff bolts and Hanging chains for installation
  • Touch button dimmer
  • Power adapter
All our colors are bright and catchy able to add vibrance to any space. Below image showcase the ON and OFF version of neon colors.

Cutting along Shape
The color and shape of the sign backing play an essential role in having the best light decor for your wall. We provide you varieties of backing to pick from so you can have a sign that perfectly fits your venue.

Cutting along Shape
Clear Edge Cut Backing
Clear Acrylic Backing
Clear Backing
Black Edge Cut Backing
Black Edge Cut Backing
Black Backing
Black Backing
Letter Only Backing
Almost Hidden Backing
Metal Frame
Metal Frame Backing


Depending on your preference or mood, choose amongst the medley of colors we offer. Whether you're feeling emo, passionate, giddy, sentimental, or just meh, we've got the colors for you! Want something striking? Choose a yellow light up sign, red neon light, or a combination of unique hues like red and blue neon lights for your store window. If you want something more relaxing and tranquil, go for the subtle blue neon light for office ambiance, purple neon light for your private space. In case you need it for your kids or girlfriend, pink neon signs will do justice.


The saying is true; size matters. But it doesn't mean that it has to be humongous, right? It all centers around the purpose you want to display the sign. If it's for a business and you want it to be visible from a far distance, you can choose to have loud and clear big light up signs to make sure they're still readable even from afar. If it's for a window sign, then perhaps a decent neon sign size will do. For personal use, you can go as small neon signs or huge neon signs as you want. For whatever size you want, we can do it for you- no doubt about that!


Depending on your purpose for the sign, you can easily pick from the different fonts that suit your style. Basic, plain, printed fonts are appropriate for stores to convey the message clearly and visible to all. Same plain, basic won't work for party signs. Since you're supposed to convey a happy and crazy mood, bright fancy fonts will add the charm. Elegant cursive neon signs or other snappy neon script signs can also be exhibited for commercial purposes where you need to match the trend and set yourself appealing. Everything, of course, still depends on what vibe you want to show off.


The backing is the acrylic piece where the tubes are attached and serve as a support for your sign. Because we believe in making everything as great as possible, we made it a point that you can even choose the backing type that you think will suit you best. If you want to go modest, you can pick the regular square backing. For something a little trendier, choose to cut the backing to the shape of the design's text by having a contoured backing. If you don't want the acrylic piece to be visible, we also have the option to have a hidden backing by cutting along the letter instead. For those who want to go out of the norms, there's also the option of having a metal backing that can be handy.

Real Photo of Sign Neon Name Sign
Real Photo of Sign Neon Light Quote
Real Photo of Sign Open Store Sign
Real Photo of Sign Neon Store Sign
Real Photo of Sign Pink Neon Sign
Real Photo of Sign Pink Light up Sign